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What is Low Testosterone (Low T)?

Symptoms: low energy, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, mood changes

Causes: aging, injuries/surgery, chronic illnesses, medications, genetics

Tests: total T, free T, other hormones

Benefits of TRT

Improved energy and motivation * More drive and zest for life Increased muscle mass and reduced body fat * Build strength and stamina Better erections and sex drive * Improved intimacy and relationships Enhanced mood and cognitive function * Overall improved wellbeing

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TRT Therapy Basics

Administration: injections, gels, pellets, patches Dosage: customized based on age, symptoms, and lab work Monitoring: regular blood work and follow-ups key

Lifestyle optimizations: diet, exercise, sleep, stress management

What to Expect at Balance Hormone Solutions

Consultation and testing: thorough evaluation of symptoms and hormone levels Custom treatment plan: dosage, delivery method, duration tailored to individual Ongoing support: monitoring, dosage adjustments, counseling

Holistic approach: lifestyle, nutrition and preventative health recommendations for optimal wellness

The Importance of TRT When Needed

Untreated low T associated with:

Don’t hesitate to seek treatment when struggling with symptoms for extended period

Improve quality of life with TRT therapy!

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